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In China

Story by Dennis Frandsen August 1st, 2017

10 days in China

Marie and I got to know each other in august 2015, as we were both working in the same restaurant. The Kitchen manager there was from China and named Guanghan (We call him Billy). The 3 of us quickly became great friends, so when Billy had go home to China, Marie and I decided to come visit. As Marie happens to be a model now, and I bring my camera everywhere i go, we shot a few photos along the way. Enjoy.

Mount tai

After a good nights sleep in Beijing, we went to a small city called Tai'An, which is best known for the famous mountain, Mount Tai. Unfortunately for us, it was so cloudy when we went up there, that we could see nothing but white clouds.. Tho, the Nature surrounding Mount Tai is nothing but absolutely amazing.

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rooftopping in dalian

Dalian. Billy's hometown. When traveling to bigger cities, I often find myself on a rooftop at some point of the trip. Which was also the case in Dalian.

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